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Leading Software Maniacs®


Applying Project Management Principles to Software Development Leadership

Making Team Building and Learning Fun

Spresso® iVersionIt

LSM's first app, Spresso iVersionIt is designed for individuals and small companies needing to manage their digital project work with version backups.


Technical Editing

At LSM, we love to work with improving words. Whether your manuscript is a book, blog, white paper, or article, we'll help you transform it to a masterpiece.

Leading Software® Maniacs (LSM) is a small (but MIGHTY) consulting business out of the Pacific Northwest (USA) specializing in a variety of software-based products and services.

Art used in Managing Software Maniacs by Ken Whitaker, Courtesy of Computerworld, Jan 9, 1995


There's a lot we can help you with presentations, graphics, chalk videos, and book layouts (and user guides).

Workshops & Keynotes

Public presentations on a variety of project leadership and agility topics. We work with local PMI chapters.



Assessment of your technical organization in just under one-week. We can also help guide improving your organization in a temporary basis.

Applying Creative Design to Software Graphics Publishing

Software Tools for Creative Professionals

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PM Chalkboard

Complimentary and some fee-based video learning of classic project management stuff.

Applied Project Acceleration

You select the topics to learn from our catalog. This onsite engagement teaches (mornings) and help your teams implement (afternoons).

It's coming, it's coming!