In producing blended learning videos, each should have a consistent brand look and behavior. For that reason, I've constructed video templates that allow stiching together course material with common components.

Video Common Components

Creating Common Video Components


Blended learning videos consist of three parts: the INtro, recording(s), and OUTro. To ensure fluid transitions, all parts use fade to/from black effects.


The INtro begins with a company logo transitioning to the video’s title. The recording part consists of one or more recordings. Each topic is identified with a lower third animation (L3) at the lower, left corner of the video.


Optionally, you can add a company watermark (WM, lower, right bottom), music, effects, animation, and quizzes. What should never be optional is closed captioning (CC). This is important because of ADA (section 508) accessibility requirements or users wanting to turn off any sound to not disturb others while watching videos.

Organizing Tracks for Consistent Video Recordings


To view a short (really short!) sample video lesson with common components, click the thumbnail showing the hierarchy of recordings, effects, annotations, and audio tracks are below:

To record professional explainer and other digital recordings, you should have a quality recording studio environment. Ultra quiet, great apps, and decent audio equipment is needed. Click on the Camtasia app icon (below) to see how we do it:





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