While we started designing apps, LSM hosted public workshops throughout the US. These workshops ultimately became just one of the ways to help educate software developers on how to lead and deliver quality products on time that delight the customer.

PM Chalkboard™


Starting back in 2012, LSM created a series of free video shorts explaining project management fundamentals using a chalk on blackboard approach. Major universities with project management programs suggest their students view our PM Chalkboard videos. Warning: They include animation, sound effects, and many failed attempts at humor.


We also have created reasonably-priced online courses, for those who like to learn while they earn (PDUs).


Workshops & Keynotes


LSM has a history of putting on impactful workshops on agility and leadership. Derived from experience as a hands-on executive, these workshops are designed to leave attendees with a handful of game changing approaches to put into immediate action. LSM workshops are half-day and full-day public events.






Our Soft-Audit™ week-long assessment will objectively evaluate the effectiveness of your software development or technology organization to deliver quality products. With just a few tweaks here and there, you might be closer than you think to turning a dysfunctional organization into a "machine."




Applied Project Acceleration Engagement


A structured hands-on, private engagement consisting of a combination of workshops (in mornings) and mentoring (in afternoons). Best thing is that you choose the workshop topics that best benefit your organization.


Some of the companies who sent their staff to LSM training:





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