For the past 40 years interpreting and illustrating the Genesis mesmerizing “Supperʼs Ready” (Foxtrot, 1972) has been a dream of mine. Ken Whitaker finally has the time to do it and the creative process has started.The goal is to get this project crowdfunded and produced in 2022. The licensing of the lyrics has already been negotiated.

Supperʼs Ready (Private page)

The Comix


36 pages (6.625 x 10.1875 inches)

Title: Supperʼs Ready

Subtitle: A Visual Interpretation of Music from Genesis


This is the comix book that illustrates the complete lyrics of “Supper’s Ready” from the band Genesis originally composed and performed in 1972.

The Companion Book

 80 pages (9.5 x 7 inches)

Title: Getting Supper Ready

Subtitle: The Making of Supperʼs Ready


This is the backgrounder book presenting the many interpretations of the lyrics, how it relates to the Bible's “Book of Revelation,” and how the Supper’s Ready comix was created.

The Project Schedule


The Creative Process

Every page in the comix goes through a set of steps starting with storyboards, sketches, final (coloring and inking), and placement on the page.


Organized as Movements

In Supper's Ready, there are seven distinct movements (sections). Movement number 2 is called “The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man”:

Illustrating the Lyrics

Each lyric is represented in a narrative caption along with an artistic interpretation:


The final artwork for the page spread looks like this:


Interpreting the Lyrics and art


Consider the Getting Supper Ready companion book to be like a “Making of” backgrounder piece. This describes how the comix was made, how the art was conceptualized, and presents interpretations of the lyrics.







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