To compliment Spresso® iVersionIt™ documentation, we have recorded a series of product tutorial (“how to”) videos.

Spresso iVersionIt Highlights

Simple User Interface


No command line complexity, one main screen is all:

There are only four action buttons. Once you Set Up a Project then Save a Version each time you need to need to backup your project work (probably at key milestones or deliverables). If you need to replace your project with a version backup, click the Restore a Version. Use Manage Versions to perform administrative duties (like exporting a project or to change the location of a project's folder).

Auto-Numbering with Your Description


Auto-numbered version backups uniquely identifies each version backup (along with your description):

Each time a version backup is made, iVersionit increments the version number for you (of course, you can override). Enter a version description and click Save. (Version numbering has several formats that you can select like: 2, 2.0, or 2.0.1.)

Restore From a version Backup


One or more version backups have been saved with Spresso iVersionIt, consider each version backup to be stacked. If things go horribly wrong and a project needs to be restored to an earlier version, just click the Restore a Version action button. Select a version backup from the list and click Restore:

Once you restore a version backup all of your project's files and subfolders are replaced. As another safety measure, a copy of your latest project is copied to a safe place by checking Make a recovery copy of user project assets before restore.

Switching Between Projects


Since most of us work on more than one project at a time, Spresso iVersionit makes it easy to switch between projects:

Version backups are performed with the current project (“Illustra Logo” in the figure). Click on the list selector arrow (to the right) to make another project the current project for versioning. IVersionIt keeps track of separate backups for each of your projects.

Self-Manage Versioning System


Spresso iVersionIt should be easy to self-manage on either supported platform: Windows or macOS.





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