Get an iVersionIt Edition

Spresso® iVersionIt™ is affordably priced, doesn’t require a subscription, and updates are always free. And if you use more than one system, you can install iVersionIt on all of ’em (macOS or Windows).


Spresso iVersionIt is available on either of the following platforms:



Note: If you want to use iVersionIt on both platforms you’ll need two licenses



Download the Decaf Edition





Complimentary1 active user project9 version backups200 MB project sizeInternal disks$0, free forever Your clients can use the Decaf edition to view a version backup package created from any licensed iVersionIt edition. INSTALL THIS FIRST!SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW THE INSTRUCTIONS 


Windows Decaf Edition App installer

macOS Decaf Edition App Installer

Buy and Install an Edition Unlocker


To use the full power of Spresso iVersionIt, you’ll need to unlock the features of either the Americano personal edition or the Espresso professional edition. Select either the Windows or macOS edition unlocker to download and install the edition unlocker. Of course, if the Decaf edition is all you need, skip this step.






for ProfessionalsUnlimited active projectsUnlimited version backups4 GB project sizeInternal, removable disks$10, free updates




Windows Espresso Edition Unlocker

macOS Espresso Edition Unlocker



for Personal use10 active user projects25 version backups2 GB project sizeInternal disks$3, free updates  

Windows Americano Edition Unlocker

macOS Americano Edition Unlocker

Register Your Purchase


We highly recommend taking a few minutes to view the installation guide for your operating system. Not only will the guide help step you through app installation and edition unlocking, it informs you how to register your purchase. Registration is important since that is the way we’ll let you know about product updates.


View the installation guide for apps on Windows

View the installation guide for apps on macOS


Yes, we have a License Agreement*


Remember those wordy legal documents that nobody bothers reading? Ours is different. Click on the seal to view the best no-nonsense license agreement (NNLA) in the software business world:


* Our license agreement is easy to understand. Even Jethro Bodine “gets it.”




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