LSM uses a common installer for all of Spresso apps for each platform (Windows and macOS). Using the Spresso iVersionIt app as an example, we've provided step-by-step instructions for you on the Windows platform.

Spresso App Windows INSTALLation guide


Installing the App





If you receive a warning message indicating that the source of Spresso iVersionIt is an unknown developer, click the Run button:



Step 3: The installation program starts up and steps you through installation of the app into the Program Files (x86) folder. Preferences, resources, and sample project files are copied into the user account's Roaming\LSM folder.




The First Time Running the App


The first time Spresso iVersionIt is run, you'll get a warning dialog that you are running the Decaf (free forever) edition:



Click OK.


To keep the app handy, right-click the app's icon in the taskbar. Select Pin to taskbar:



Similarly, you can also pin a shortcut to the app in the Start menu by right-clicking after finding the app's. Select Pin to Start and the app gets its own icon in the Start menu:



To automatically run the app whenever Windows starts, follow these instructions:

  1. Press the Windows+R keyboard combination and enter shell:startup. This will bring up the StartUp folder.
  2. Click on the Start button and drag the Spresso iVersionIt app to the StartUp folder. An app shortcut will be created.


Restart Windows and Spresso iVersionIt will be automatically run after macOS starts up and you login.


Unlocking a Paid-For License

The licensed edition's features will be enabled and you won't see the warning dialog when the app starts up again.



Uninstalling the App


To remove the app, click the Start menu and enter Add or remove program. Select the Spresso iVersionit app from the list and click Uninstall:



Optionally, you can always remove any remaining files in the user's Application Support folder. Using File Explorer, find the LSM subfolder and drag the Spresso iVersionIt folder to the recycled bin.


That's all there is to it!


Special Notes: App data, like the default version backup folder (User Data/(iVersionIt Backups/), may need to be copied you moving the Application Support folder to the Recycle Bin. If the app was configured to run automatically at login, make sure it is removed from the StartUp folder.


Installation guide for apps on that "other" platform: macOS







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