It isn’t enough to write a book (textbook, workbook, or handout), I like to design and create the layout. This is the case for books I’ve self-published and even those written for leading publishers (Pearson or J. Wiley & Sons).


Some of these publications are designed in unconventional formats (comix, newspaper, magazine, interactive PDF, ...).

Publications I Designed

Completed Publications


Please click on the link to view any of these completed publications that I wrote, created the graphics, and worked with mainstream publishers:



I wrote and designed publications to use in my own workshops, apps, and eCourses. I created the content from scratch, designed the layouts, drew the graphics, and produced them to get into the hands of customers. Both of these publications have “interesting” formats, to say the least.


Click on a mockup to learn more:

I’m Not God, I’m Just a Project Manager! - Kindle eBook and print on demand (POD) paperback layouts

Spresso iVersionIt User Guide Interactive PDF (iPDF) - Magazine layout

Creating a Common Desktop App Installer eCourse Handout - Newspaper layout

Publications Under Development


I have three publication projects in development going on concurrently. Click on any of the mockups to learn more:


  • The Art of Technical Project Management (single-source textbook for online viewing or print)
  • Supper’s Ready (a graphic novel in the format of a comix)


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Creating a Common Desktop App Installer eCourse Handout - Newspaper layout