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Who uses Spresso iVersionIt?

  • Photographer
  • Graphics designer
  • Project manager
  • Website designer
  • Book/eBook author
  • Just about anybody!

Spresso iVersionIt
Easy Project Versioning

Spresso iVersionIt is a productivity app that lets you save your digital project work as a series of version backups. Programmers have used revision control tools forever—so why not something easy for the rest of us?

Spresso iVersionIt makes revision management of your project's digital assets effortless by automatically identifyng your backups with version numbers (V1, V1.2, or V1.2.3) you won't fall victim any longer to silly naming schemes like 'final,' final-final,' or 'really final.'

You can package up a version backup to share project files with a customer, coworker, or boss. Collaboration couldn't be easy and what a great way to get your stuff reviewed. The iVersionIt apps comes in two flavors: Windows or macOS.

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Watch the introductory video:

Version 2 will be released in late 2016 supporting macOS Sierra and Windows 10 with a updated user interface: